Get A Senior friendly, Highly Accessible and Safe Bathroom

a renovated bathroom in Seal BeachOlder bathrooms were not designed with older individuals in mind. Sure, some of them have no slip grips in the bottom, but that doesn't really help if you have limited mobility. Our Seal Beach plumbing company knows what works – walk in baths and showers or fully renovated spaces with built in benches or bath seats.

Our renovations leave you with a completely senior friendly, highly accessible and safe bathroom without skimping on the style! Walk in baths are perfect for soaking and custom showers can massage your whole body with multiple shower heads. Get the relaxation of a spa in your own home.

If you aren't looking for a full bathroom remodel, we also do accessibility retrofits including stabilization bars, shower seats and rain style shower heads.

A Few Suggestions From Our Seal Beach Plumbing Team

one of our Seal Beach plumbing techs is working on sealing the bathtubIn addition to remodels, there are some simple things you can do to make the bathroom senior friendly. First, if you have hard floors, cover them with throw rugs that are held in place with rubber carpet mats. This will reduce the chance of a slip and fall injury on a wet bathroom floor. Vertical safety poles can be installed near or in the shower to give an additional safety support during a shower.

Transfer benches are also a good addition. They sit half inside and half outside a tub and allow individuals to enter and exit without having to step into the or out of the tub. This can also help eliminate slip and fall injuries while making the accessible to those in wheelchairs.

Do you have questions about creating a senior friendly bathroom? The Seal Beach plumbing team has the answers. Call us now and speak with our bathroom design specialist today. We'll create a fully functional, senior friendly, stylish bathroom and keep it within your budget.

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