Top Notch Seal Beach Plumbing

a Seal Beach plumbing tech checks the connection for a tankless water heaterYour plumbing is on the fritz, who are you going to call? Hopefully it's the number one plumber in Seal Beach, CA – us! We've been the top Seal Beach plumbing company for the past few years. Why? We deliver top notch service and we do it fast. We can usually see you on the same day if you call us before 10 am. If you have an emergency, we're probably going to be able to get to you before anyone else in the area. Being located just down the road from Anaheim Landing puts us in the best position to get to you. Other companies are located out past the naval base. It will take them an extra half hour just to get to you during rush hour.

We Can Help You With Your Old And Outdated Water Heater

Our Seal Beach plumbing team specializes in general residential plumbing and water heater repair. If your faucet is leaking or toilet is constantly running, we can handle it. If you are experiencing uneven water heating or are running out of hot water 15 minutes into your shower, we can fix that too! Sometimes it's something as simple as a bad water heater thermostat, other times (when you're still using the original heater that was installed in 1973) the tank has finally given up and you'll need a new one. Don't worry, we do water heater installation in Seal Beach, CA, too!

Proudly Offering Emergency Plumbing Service in Seal Beach, CA 24/7

an operator schedules service in Seal BeachOne of our most common calls is for garbage disposal repair. Many of the homes in Seal Beach still have the original 1970s garbage disposals or one installed in the 1990s during a kitchen renovation. These older units tend to wear out and need to be replaced. We'll fix them if we can, but a new $100 unit will save you time and money in the long run.

We Use State Of The Art Tools For Any Plumbing in Seal Beach Repair

Some of the homes built in the 1960s and 70s used inferior grade copper in their pipes. These pipes are starting to sprout leaks throughout the system. Our state-of-the-art leak detection equipment can sniff out these leaks through your walls and flooring. There's no need to puts holes in the wall anywhere but where the leak is. This means we fix your leaks faster and with less collateral damage.

Get State Of The Art Fixtures In Order To Save Money And Water

If you are still using your original fixtures in your home, you're wasting quite a bit of water. The fixtures that came with the 1960s or 1970s home use up to twice as much water as new, efficiency models. Our Seal Beach plumbers can install water saving fixtures like low flow toilets, faucet aerators and Water Sense approved shower heads to reduce your water bill by up to half! Call us today to find out how!

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